To qualify for consideration for a Shared Ownership home, the applicant(s) must:

  • Be a first home buyer (though consideration will be given to applicants who have previously owned a home, and who meet the other criteria, where their situation merits assistance)
  • Not own or part own any other residential or commercial property
  • Be NZ Residents or Citizens
  • Be in full-time employment, or have a formal written offer of full-time employment for a period of at least 12 months
  • Be a “key worker” i.e. employed in an occupation recognised as in demand in the Marlborough area
  • Have lived in Marlborough for at least six months
  • Have a low household income
  • Unable to access Housing New Zealand Corporation or local authority housing
  • Be able to contribute a deposit of at least 5% of the price of a suitable property, and be able to access a mortgage sufficient to purchase their share
  • Have a demonstrated housing need (e,g, unaffordability, tenure insecurity, crowding, health condition, disability), such that shared home ownership is required to meet the specific housing need of the household assisted.

Applicants are NOT eligible if they:

  • Already own a house or rental property anywhere

The Trust has a special focus on providing accessible, affordable housing to households with a disabled member.

A testimonial from an employer, GP, health provider, iwi authority, church leader or local agency representative (e.g. Work and Income, DHB) may also be considered when scoring applications.

Contact the Trust for more information about our eligibility criteria and to discuss your circumstances.